Provision of Services Policy


Thank you for your interest in our professional services. Our goal is to provide high quality services to you and your family members, and to collaborate with other professionals. Kindly sign this form as an acknowledgment of being informed of the our Services’ Policy and so that we can commence our services.

Accepting Set Charges

Please note that the Lighthouse Centre charges reflect the time and effort spent by our team members in planning, documenting and following-up on assessments and intervention programmes, as well as the time directly spent with the child. Our service charges are set and cannot be reconsidered. Carefully review all charges and ask the Accounts Department for clarifications if needed, before services are initiated, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Payment Schedule

All charges are paid in advance upon scheduling services. Payments are accepted in cash, by check, via financial payments platforms or using other major Debit and Credit Cards. In the case of using major debit or credit cards, an additional 1.5% is charged to cover bank charges. The recipient of the service agrees and acknowledges that the services provided by the centre are not refundable except for the intervention programmes only, whose value may be refunded within only one week from the beginning of receiving the service. In this case, the customer has the right to recover the value of the remainder of the training programme after deducting the cost of the training sessions he received and other administrative expenses up to the date of cancellation.

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and full psycho-educational evaluation charges are inclusive of a report and a feedback session.

Intervention Programmes

All intervention programmes are prescribed in advance and have set durations and outcomes. Intervention programmes are scheduled in advance and failure to adhere to them and attending them will negatively affect the progress and results of the intervention programmes.

Drop in/ Departure

It is important that children arrive on time and are collected promptly after each session from our clinics and not from the street. Parents/Guardian/Escort need to wait with the child until picked up by the specialist, and children cannot be dropped at the Main Gate or left unattended in the reception area. Please note that we do not provide supervision of the child outside the assessment and/or intervention time.


Parents may take time from their child’s session to discuss related issues or recommendations with the intervention specialist but cannot exceed the session’s time because specialists usually have back-to-back work schedules. Should parents need a lengthy discussion, they need to schedule a charged parent consultation session.

Any request to admin or Director’s regarding details about your child’s programme must be submitted in writing either via email or WhatsApp. Your request will be fulfilled as soon as physically possible. Parents must not request immediate information in person as this can result in mistakes being made as staff members are extremely busy taking care of all children and parents who attend The Lighthouse Centre.


A child has to attend at least 90% of his/her scheduled sessions per month. Otherwise progress cannot be guaranteed and the responsible specialist will have to stop the services and notify parents.

Missing Appointments & No Show

  • Scheduled session are entered by the Lighthouse Centre administrators on the information system and are later marked as “Completed”, “Cancelled”, or “No show.”
  • Cancellations should be made in advance by 1:00 pm of the day before, at the latest, to be marked as “cancelled” on the system.
  • Appointments missed without prior notice will be charged and marked as “No show” on the system.
  • Students only have a maximum of 8 hours as “Cancelled” permitted from their 72 hour long programmes only and this is considered ‘emergency cancellations of sessions’. All other cancellations are considered “No Show” and are counted and charged from the total number of hours of the intervention programmes.
  • Students only have a maximum of 8 hours as “Cancelled” permitted from their 72 hour long programmes only and this is considered ‘emergency cancellations of sessions’. All other cancellations are considered “No Show” and are counted and charged from the total number of hours of the intervention programmes.
  • An individual or a guardian/parents can request a refund regarding our intervention programmes that have to be paid upfront in advance after deducting sessions taken so far and other registration and administrative costs. Refunds are only approved if they are requested within 5 days after the start of the intervention programmes. After five working days from the start of the intervention programmes, individuals and parents are not allowed to request a refund for their intervention programmes.

Resolving Conflicts

If parents are experiencing any conflicts, they may schedule an appointment with the Centre’s Administrative Manager, and, if not resolved, they can ask to make an appointment with the Centre’s Director. The Lighthouse Centre Front Office will facilitate communication with the concerned member of Management, but they are not responsible to communicate on parents’ behalf to resolve any conflicts.

Temporary Suspension of Services

  • Parents/Guardians wishing to temporarily suspend services for any unforeseen circumstances can do so one week in advance in writing and by filling in the relevant Suspension of Services Application.
  • Suspension of Services are granted only after written confirmation from the Lighthouse Centre Administration.
  • Suspension of Services are granted for a minimum period of six weeks and a maximum period of nine weeks. Temporary Suspension of Services are not renewed and can only be granted by the Centre’s Director and is based on the Individual Education Plan of the Child involved. ATemporary Suspension of Services request is only granted once per a programme of intervention that is 72 hours and longer. There is no Temporary Suspension of Services for shorter intervention programmes. The individual, parent or guardian will in some situations bear any costs imposed by our third party intervention providers in cases related to resume of intervention services if and when applicable.

The Lighthouse Centre’s Right to Refuse /Discontinue Services

The Lighthouse Centre Specialists’ interpretation, recommendations and therapies are partially based on the history and information that parents provide. If information about the child’s medical or educational history, interventions and needs are withheld, altered, or omitted, the Lighthouse Centre reserves the right to stop services. Services may also be refused or discontinued due to:

  • Non-payment
  • Poor attendance
  • Parents/guardians using inappropriate language with Centre Staff during communications and/or threats
  • Parents/guardians being uncooperative
  • If the Lighthouse Centre Director feels that we cannot provide appropriate services to ensure the child’s progress